A solid daypack should be the primary of every outdoor enthusiast’s gear collection. Whatever, you’re hitting the trail for a hike, biking to work, or even hopping on a flight, a great daypack will serve you well for different years. With hundreds of daypacks out there serving up various functional differences, it can be challenging to determine which one will work best for you. In this article, here we organized the ten best lightweight daypacks. We researched and tested dozens of daypacks to create this list of the best lightweight packs with a good balance of comfort, convenience, weight, and price.

From short day hikes and summit scrambles to an all-day trip into the backcountry, you’ll want the suitable package for the job. Most people carry essential things like water and food, a layering piece and rain shell, and a few other accessories like a first-aid kit or headlamp. And the longer you’ll be on tour, the more comfort, capacity, and features come into play. Below we introduced the best daypacks of 2021, from simple and inexpensive models for casual hikes to more comfortable and feature-packed options for longer excursions. For the overnight tour, see our article on the best backpacking packs.

Top 10 Best Lightweight Daypack

  1. Osprey Daylite Plus
  2. Nomatic Backpack-The best Urban daypack
  3. Active Roots foldable backpack   
  4. Tortuga Setout Daypack- The Best Compressible Daypack
  5. AER Travel Pack- Best Travel Daypack for Electronics
  6. Deuter Speed Light -The Lightest Travel Daypack
  7. Osprey Stratos 24- best travel daypack
  8. Outlander Packable- The Best Packable Daypack
  9. Osprey Talon 22- The Stylish Daypack for Travel
  10. Fjallraven Kanken-Urban daypack

1-Osprey Daylite Plus “Best Lightweight Daypack.”

I swear that Osprey packs are the best lightweight daypack for hiking Osprey has an ‘all-mighty guarantee ‘which means they will repair any damage that occurs to your bag, Forever and always. I’ve been on a journey with the same 7-liter backpack for nine years now and have sent it into Osprey for repairs on two occasions – both times, they have repaired it for free and without any problem. Osprey packs are not cheap, but if you splash out on an Osprey pack, it is the last pack you will ever require to buy!

My brother, a veteran adventurer himself, travels with the Osprey Daylite Plus and swears it is the fantastic travel daypack made by Osprey. Like me, he’s taken benefit of the guarantee, had his pack repaired in the past, and has gotten thousands and thousands of miles out of his bag.  The Osprey Daylite Plus has a mesh-covered panel to keep your back cool and fresh by reducing contact with the back of the pack itself and permitting air to get between you and the group. Besides, you can attach it to other Osprey packs if you want to add more capacity and carry just one piece of luggage… but the reviews on these attributes are mixed.

  • It’s All Mighty Guarantee!
  • Its Mesh panel
  • Its too comfortable
  • It’s amazing for hikers or travelers
  • Expensive
  • It has no inner zipper pockets
  • Not perfect for digital nomads

2-Nomatic Backpack-The best Urban daypack

If you are looking for a backpack for everyday use, then meet the Nomatic Backpack. It Is the best Urban lightweight daypack. It’s built from high-quality materials and is intended for everyday, urban use; this is reflected both in its sober but fantastic design aesthetic, and this backpack is wonderfully compartmentalized, so there is a place for anything – your laptop, notepad, tissues, water bottle, and dirty gym socks all have their particular business. The storage capacity is 20 – 24l making this a great commuter bag, and it can also be used as a briefcase if you need to go to a business meeting or something.

 So here is the question is arises! Is the Nomatic Backpack the best travel daypack for you?

Its advantages are that Nomatic does not ship to Europe, so this bag is not for you if you are in Europe. If you want something durable with minimum storage, then this is your pack. Suppose you require more room (for gym shoes or something), search for a 28-30L bag. Beyond that, this is a solid selection for those in need or an Urban commuter backpack. This backpack is also not suitable for day hikes, so select yourself an Osprey if you like to get outdoors.

  • Its amazing sleek design
  • It’s Well compartmentalized
  • perfect for business use
  • it’s not available in Europe
  • It’s not suitable for hiking
  • It’s expensive

3-Active Roots foldable backpack

This foldable backpack is the best lightweight daypack for travel, and It’s lightweight yet durable and water-repellent so that it can take on just about any travel situation. It is fantastic foldable and weighs less than 10o oz. This means there is no excuse not to pack this pack. The Active Roots is a suitable backpack for any journey, from traveling to the backcountry to squatting in an abandoned trainyard.

Even though this is a foldable daypack, it’s still roomy enough to hold 34L of gear and offers seven easy-access pockets and pouches to store your belongings. Honestly, I haven’t seen a foldable backpack so roomy before!  And, if you don’t like your foldable bag, you have a 30-day money-back guarantee too! Finally, Active Roots donates to one of the various environmental charities they work with to clean up our planet with each buy.

So Is Active Roots the best travel daypack for you?

Whenever you are exploring a city or jungle, this daypack will take you everywhere. Not only does this backpack look amazing in design and sleek, but it’s also a FOLDABLE daypack made from robust and water-resistant nylon material. We can’t believe this great daypack holds 34L of stuff. With each purchase, they’re donating to one of the various environment-saving charities to help clean up our planet so that we can enjoy more journeys for years to come.

  • It’s Foldable and extremely lightweight
  • Its Thoughtful design and organization
  • Its too comfortable
  • Amazing for a daypack for hikers or travelers
  • , it has not as hefty as other packs on this list
  • Not perfect if you do not want a foldable backpack

4-Tortuga Setout Daypack- The Best Compressible Daypack

The Tortuga Setout Packable Daypack is possibly the best lightweight travel daypack on this list. Why? That’s easy – it looks terrific, carries a ton of gear, is durable… and it COMPRESSES! That’s right; this, especially for a boy, is a perfect daypack for travelers. The fact is that it compresses, and its lightweight feature makes it very easy to transport. At 19 liters, this is one of the great travel bags for day trips. The Setout Daypack is made from ripstop nylon, is air mesh, and attributes YKK zippers in its construction. Along with its durability is enjoyable – the Setout has padded mesh shoulder straps and a well-organized breathable back panel. Furthermore, it’s cost only $40, making it one of the best cheap daypacks on the market, particularly considering that the compressible case is included.

So, Is the Tortuga Setout Daypack the best travel daypack for you?

While all the bags on this list are unique in their way – it’s tough to beat the Tortuga Setout Daypack. Due to its fantastic durability, size, and compressibility, this backpack is the ultimate daypack for travelers searching to travel super light…

  • It amazing compresses quality
  • Its the Lightest pack on this list
  • It has fantastic added shoulder straps
  • It has a back ventilation system
  • Not a perfect hiking daypack
  • Not everyone likes the look of Tortuga bags

5-AER Travel Pack- Best Travel Daypack for Electronics

The Aer Travel Pack 2 is a rugged, innovative daypack that will keep your gear tidy and, above all, secured. The Travel Pack boasts a dedicated laptop chamber that can lodge a laptop up to 15″. It’s easy to access, which is great when you’re constantly getting in and out of your backpack. One of the fantastic things about the AER Travel Pack is that it is very well organized. This is the best lightweight travel daypack for electronics. This makes storing your equipment very convenient as everything should have a proper position. There are various pockets! Finally, the AER is tough, crucial for keeping your gear secure. Though it’s technically waterproof, the nylon and tarpaulin material is resistant enough to keep most water out. So, don’t walk out into a rainstorm without a cover.

Is the AER Travel Pack 2 the best travel daypack for you?

A super stylish daypack from an intelligent company, its padding and frame is built for ultimate enjoyment, and the additional dedicated laptop compartments make it enticing for anyone.

  • It’s very durable
  • The top access laptop section
  • Its Well organized, designed
  • Its Rain cover is sold separately
  • The water bottle pocket is a bit small.
  • It Could’ve been more internal straps

6-Deuter Speed Light -The Lightest Travel Daypack

The first important thing is that this daypack is not suitable for the average backpacker, but if your primary concern is weight, this is the best lightweight daypack on the market, weighing in at just 1. Lb 1 oz! This pack is exceptionally versatile and light, and impressive for ultra-runners, hikers, and other athletes. If you plan on going on plenty of tours with your package, this may be the right choice for you.

I’ve been an amazing big fan of Deuter packs for a while, and I tested a Deuter Speed Lite while hiking in Pakistan in 2017. I love the Speedlite because it has quick-access mesh pockets along with the front, meaning you can quickly grab a protein bar on the go. The padded back panel is enjoyable and ventilates well, even in the scorching heat. The Speedlite contains a hydration reservoir sleeve which is rare for lightweight daypacks but super handy if you want to drink on the go.

The Speed Lite does have one main disadvantage – this is a lightweight daypack designed for moving fast, and the manufacturers have done anything in their power to keep the weight down; this means you get zero paddings on the portable hip belt. This will only be a problem if you’re carrying actual weight, which you shouldn’t be on a day hike anyway.

  • Its the lightest daypack on the market
  • It’s Perfect for athletics
  • It has quick-access mesh pockets
  • Comfortable
  • well-ventilated
  • it not as practical for non-athletes
  • It has zero paddings on the belt
  • It Bungee chords prove to be fairly useless (for me at least)
  • It not good for digital nomads

7-Osprey Stratos 24- best travel daypack

It’s the First thing that this is a day hiking backpack. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a hiking daypack for thru-hikes. This seriously comfortable, stylish design and an innovative pack is widely considered the best Osprey daypack for hiking. The Stratos 22 contains an integrated rain cover, an internal hydration reservoir sleeve, and a stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment. This feature-rich pack kicks ass and is probably one of the most enjoyable daypacks around.

The dual side stretch mesh pockets and front panel storage pocket give you plenty of places to store water bottles, snacks, or other bits and pieces. This is one of the most costly packs on the list, and it also is not incredibly light. It can’t pack down like foldable or compressible daypacks. Still, suppose you want the most comfortable, reliable daypack for your travels. In that case, you should visit ethebest.com.The Stratos range by Osprey comes in various sizes, so you could consider upping the size and picking up a 34-liter version instead. If you’re a pro at lightweight packing, you could probably get away with making this your only pack for a shorter tour. If you wanted to go bigger (it’s perfect sometimes, right?) Osprey makes a 36-liter version of this pack. Read our review of the Stratos 36 and see if it’s a good fit for you!

So, Is the Osprey Stratos 24 the best travel daypack for you?

If you search for a stylish daypack and don’t need something ultralight, then the Osprey Stratos 24 is a keeper. Hikers in especially will find this bag awesome, and although it wouldn’t be my first selection for the best daypack travelers, I can see the appeal. It looks fantastic, and Osprey still kicks.

  • It phenomenal for hikers
  • It has style points
  • It has an integrated rain cover
  • It has a trekking pole attachment (or possibly a spear)
  • It has a fantastic Internal hydration reservoir sleeve
  • . Expensive
  • It does not pack down well
  • Its pocket accessibility is just ok

8-Outlander Packable- The Best Packable Daypack

What makes it unique? Its size! The Outlander is one of the great smallest daypacks for travel, and it folds up to become even more compact so you can pack it in your main backpack when required. Besides the multiple compartments, this bag has an internal security zippered pocket to secure valuable items. It’s a highly water-repellent daypack, and it is reinforced to be ultra-durable. It is also a very lightweight hiking daypack (weighing at just 0.7 lbs), but please note that it does not boast any of the best hiking daypacks’ enjoyment or functionality. This is a perfect daypack for wandering around town and one of the best backpacks for day trips, but it’s not comfortable to wear while hiking.

The Outlander is only $20, so if you’re searching for a cheap packable day bag to explore cities with, then this is a perfect choice. This is probably one of the best small daypacks for an entry price, but it doesn’t come with a lifetime guarantee… Oh, I almost forgot! The Outlander comes in various colors, in case you’re all about that style.

  • Its amazing feature smallest pack on the list
  • Compact bag that folds up easily.
  • various compartments
  • it’ water-resistant
  • It’ durable
  • Inexpensive
  • it’s not for proper hikes/athletics
  • It’s too simple a style.
  • Not various accessories when compared to the competition
  • Its too little comfort
  • It no lifetime guarantee

9-Osprey Talon 22- The Stylish Daypack for Travel

I’ve been using a fantastic Osprey pack for nine years now, and my current hiking daypack is the Talon 22. And it’s the goddamn tits! This is one of the best lightweight hiking daypacks on the market and comes complete with an Airscape back to keep you relaxed and enjoyable, plenty of pockets, a whistle on the chest belt, a padded hip belt, and external hydration access. The Talon 22 is hands down one of the best travel daypacks for day hikes and another tour. Another superb lightweight option (although not as ultralight) is the Osprey Apogee, which has similar attributes.

This particular model is ideal because it has THREE exterior pockets and a mesh pocket for water bottles. It is also one of the most durable options out there, mainly made for rough use. The pouch on the hip belt is a perfect touch and an excellent place to keep your phone or snacks. Like all Osprey materials, the Talon 22 comes with the Almighty Guarantee meaning that Osprey will repair or replace your pack, no matter what. If you want an upgrade, there’s also a tremendous 33-liter Talon backpack as well!

  • Ideal for hikers
  • It Good for travelers
  • multiple pockets
  • You get to love me!
  • It Not for digital nomads
  • If you don’t hike, look somewhere
  • It runs a bit small in size
  • It’s not the cheapest option

10-Fjallraven Kanken-Urban daypack

The amazing Fjallraven is a timeless backpack. Mainly, I don’t think you could walk on the streets or venture anywhere without seeing one of these bags at least once in your life. They’re immensely famous and, contrary to what some people may think, handy bags. Right of the bat, I’m going to say this: Fjallraven is the best lightweight daypack. The most classic version essentially has just two sections and a couple of handles. You don’t get any hidden pockets, extra accessories, or wild new technology when purchasing a Fjallraven.

What you do get is a bag that amazingly works. Fjallravens are very fantastic backpacks – I’ve seen people take these things to the ends of the earth and back and put them through hell in the process. The bag is mainly made from vinyl which does a perfect job of standing up to the elements. Thanks to this daypack’s relatively stylish design, it can also be folded or rolled up into petite, compact different sizes. My partner regularly packs their own Fjallraven in their more giant backpack. The look of the Fjallraven is too unique. Boxy, minimal, angular, and have a bright red logo; these bags have modified their look in decades. Honestly, the eye doesn’t have to change either. Vintage is always in vogue, and the Fjallraven doesn’t look to be changing every time soon.

  • It’ Simple yet useful
  • It’s more challenging than it looks.
  • It immediately recognizable
  • This brand is a bit pricey
  • It Nothing flashy

 Conclusion: The Best Lightweight Daypack

Once you hit the road, you will quickly fall in unique love with travel, so you must stretch your money as far as possible… Therefore, I strongly suggest picking a pack that comes with a lifetime guarantee. It was a tough call, but the Active Roots Daypack is the best daypack for travelers. Designed by backpackers for backpackers, they know exactly what you require from your travel daypack. There are various high-quality Osprey daypacks on this list, and I had a tough job forcing myself to select only one Osprey pack for the grand daypack showdown! Ultimately though, I’m a big fan of my Osprey Talon. It’s gone a long way and seen a lot of skies.

The Talon might not be costly, but you are getting your money’s worth with it. This is the same pack I’ve been using for seven years, and it is simply the best hiking daypack. In my opinion, this is the best travel daypack for short-day trip travelers and will suit most people on the road. While it is tough to fit a laptop inside and everything else you may be required to transport on a bus. Therefore, my second recommendation is the North Face Borealis. Both of these fantastic packs are more than adequate for hiking and for hanging around town, and, crucially, both of these daypacks come with lifetime guarantees. So that’s it! Get yourself a pack, amigos, get packed, and go packing. Over and out!

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